Ascension Provisions

Chrysanthemum Stone


Synchronicity * Balance * Being Present

This Chrysanthemum Stone, or Flower Stone evokes feelings of celebration and joy. I can feel a star shooting into the sky and exploding like a firework, sharing its power and light for all the universe to witness and benefit from.

The silky smooth texture of her polished body and the weight of her in your palm brings forth feelings of comfort and peace.

She is a partner, someone that will be with you through the day to day weavings of life. She wants to be used, not just displayed.

Most myths and legends around Chrysanthemum involve individuals falling in love with each other thus creating an eternal everlasting bond.

Chrysanthemum Stones are powerful life talismans that are here to assist one along their spiritual journey to help better understand your soul within.

This stone helps you develop a deeper connection with your emotional body and aids one in finding their life purpose.

This Chrysanthemum Stone weighs 154g and measures 88.8mm tall.

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