Ascension Provisions

Rainbow Obsidian Heart


Cleasing * Protection * Root Issues * Hope & Clarity

A partner in your path, this Rainbow Obsidian Heart is supremely protective. It's beautiful rainbow outshines any darkness in and around you, leaving room for so much light.  

It shifts your focus from the negative to the positive as you gaze into its bands of bright colors.  Its weight in your hand brings calm and grounding.  

As you work your way into the center of the rainbow, you walk like a labyrinth into your own center- finding a new ability to focus on the root causes of your emotional issues and resolve them.

Rainbow obsidian reminds us that even when we feel broken, we can carve a new strength out of that break. It is the ideal crystal to use to nurture and rejuvenate your heart after experiencing an emotional trauma, such as a broken heart, mourning loss of a loved one, or a period of grief or depression.

This rainbow obsidian heart weighs 341g and measures 86mm wide.

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