Ascension Provisions

New Beginnings Crystal Grid


New Beginnings is a crystal grid designed to create a clear path forward to your next phase.  Whether its work, family, creativity or moving to a new place, each element helps to clear the energy of the old and bring into focus a new, joyful reality.

6" Flower of Life Crystal Grid- Creation & the Unity of your Vision and Reality
Clear Quartz- Amplify Energy
Rainbow Moonstone- Restructuring & Self-Actualizaton
Moss Agate- Stability, Persistance, Grounding
Pyrite- Manifestation
Citrine- Abundance
Rainbow Flourite- Focus & Clarity
Amethyst- Peace in Transitions
Mugwort- Movement
Rosemary- Cleansing & Invigorating
Clove- Protection & Comfort

Throughout time, sacred altars have been created through ritual as a vessel for a specific energy or intention.  Crystal grids work in the same way.  The intention of the creator is imbued into the grid as each stone is thoughtfully placed.  it serves as a means of continuing to send energy towards your intention and as you tend to it each day by lighting a candle or saying a prayer near it, that energy grows.  It also serves as a focus point for you, helping you keep your intention top of mind. 

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