Ascension Provisions

Fluorite Calcite Pyrite Cluster


Clear Mind * Flow * Manifestation

"It sparkles.  It shimmers.  And it is very very good."  

When I look at this Fluorite Calcite Pyrite Cluster, I am reminded of how Dolores Cannon describes the healing protective crystal she asks her past life regression clients to mentally place over themselves at the beginning of a session.  

That perfectly describes the feeling of gazing into this beautiful crystal being - a feeling of tremendous peace, safety and childlike wonder as the calcite and pyrite flash against the light. Walk in the clouds with her softness, discovering her hidden treasures sprinkled across her landscape.  

Allowing me to clear my mind and release all worries so I can be present and focused.

This Fluorite Calcite Pyrite Cluster weighs 123g and measures at 95mm wide.

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