Thank You

I am so blessed that you are visiting my shop.  I hand-pick or create every item you see here.  I have such a deep resonance with all of these crystal babies.  As each one arrives, I hold them and thank them for entrusting me with finding them a home.  They are kept in my temple space where they are attuned to healing energies. As they witness sound baths and healing sessions they absorb that energy and take it with them to their new home. It is an honor to be a part of their journey and purpose.

Each ritual you find here is one that I have performed myself at a time of need and found it to be powerful and supportive in accomplishing my intention.  

Each mala is one that I created when I felt the call from those specific beads and listened to what purpose they wanted to serve in someone's life.  

I use only plastic-free packaging so that we can create less waste and begin renewing our precious Gaia.  I also donate 1% of all sales to 1% for the Planet, a non-profit dedicated to tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues.

It is important to me that this boutique is an extension of my heart-another way to be of service to the Divine and contribute towards a more loving, joyful world.  Thank you for your support and allowing me to serve in this way. 

Many Blessings,



As a child, my connection to Spirit was recognized and fostered through our church where I was taught hands on healing, trance and channeling. I began my professional healing career as a massage therapist in 2002 on a whim, not knowing it would allow me reconnect with my innate gifts and expose me to so many new ideas.  Afterwards, I continued my formal education to obtain my MBA and spent 10 years in the corporate world. During this time, my personal healing journey led me to experience and study many different tools for connecting with multiple aspects of myself. Although I felt I was being a healing presence in my corporate work, I eventually decided to challenge my traditional views of success and go into holistic healing practice full time.  

I've received formal training in many modalities, but currently focus on Sound Healing, Hypnosis and Energy Work.  I now offer online and in-person healing sessions from my temple space in Sedona, AZ.  You can view my offerings and availability at 


Throughout my journey, I've sought out different ideas, tools and methods to help me better understand this magical, mystical life experience we all have.  I am still discovering, experimenting and moving through life with an open curiosity and sense of wonder.  My ideas are never fixed and don't follow a particular dogma or system of belief.  I work with what feels like Truth in that moment, knowing that sometimes we are meant to see things a certain way for a time so that we can gain knowledge through a particular experience, leaving room for a new perspective as we come to the end of the lesson.  Life is a spiral with layers of experiences pushing us to revisit certain emotions and dynamics with fresh eyes and older wisdom.  As Ram Dass says, "We are all just walking each other home."


Being a mother is my heart made manifest in this magical being my body created. Aurora is this whole new way of seeing every aspect of myself- past, present and future.  She is part of what keeps me authentic as a healer by bringing up things within me that are calling for my attention and giving me even more incentive to work with them diligently and completely.  She is my grounding. She keeps me tapped into the "real world" around me with schedules and errands and routine.  Aurora keeps me present by being an example of living in the moment, appreciating the little things and the beauty of purity and heart-centered living.  I spend everyday trying to be more like her.  I often wonder who is raising who.